FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why use Live Wedding Memories instead of commonly used systems such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Zoom, or Google Hangouts or other video sharing services?

Answer:  Live Wedding Memories is the only service to offer a Virtual Event Manager (VEM).  The VEM will initiate one on one contact with your guests to guide and support them to a pleasurable viewing experience of your event.


What type of events can I use with Live Wedding Memories?

Answer:  Live Wedding Memories allows three types of private events. Private free events allow guests watch for free. Private paying events allow guests pay to watch events. Combined events allow some guests pay to watch event and some guest watch event for free.  


How long can I broadcast a live event?

Answer: A person can broadcast 1 continuous hour of live video.  At the end of 1 hour the live video will stop and a person will have to press the start button again to live broadcast. For example if you have an event that is 2 hours long from 11am to 1pm.  You can start your broadcast at 11am and the broadcast will stop at 12pm. You will then have to press the start button again at 12pm to start your video broadcast and your broadcast will stop at 1pm which is the end time of your private event.


How do users access a Live Wedding Memories event?

Answer:  Live Wedding Memories users are only able to access a private event by being selected to attend the event by the Host.  The users will be provided access information in an email.


How does a Host select users to attend a private event?

Answer: The Host can assign guests to attend a private event by providing the guests' name and user's email address. Each guest will receive an email that contains a unique link that will allow that guest to provide a username and password to create an account and view the event.  


Can users invite other users to attend a private event?

Answer:  Users/guests can not invite other guests to attend a private event.  Only the Host can invite guests to attend a private event. 


Can I use the same email address to create a private event and broadcast the private event?

Answer: Only one unique email address can be associated with each type of user. So one email can used as a Host, a different email address must be used for the person broadcasting the video and a different email address must be used as the guests watching the event.


How many guests can I invite to my private event?

Answer:  There are two types of guests. Free guests and Paying guests.  You can invite up to 60 free guests and an unlimited number of paying guests. If you need more than 60 free guests, contact us and we will work with you to provide a solution.


How much are guests charged to watch an event?

Answer:  Guests are charged $20 which allows for up to an hour of viewing.  For example an event, that last 15 minutes or 1 hour will cost each guest $20.00. An event that last 1 hour and 15 minutes will cost each guest $40.


How much is the Host paid?

Answer:  The Host is paid $8.00 per paying guest, per hour of viewing.


What happens when guests request refunds? Does that effect the Host?

Answer:  Yes. We deduct refunds from the total amount of sales. So any refund will result in a lower amount being paid to the Host.


How long can my events last?

Answer: Your event can last up to 24 hours.  The event must start and end on the same calendar date.


What device do I need to use the Live Wedding Memories System?

Answer:  The person broadcasting the event needs to download the Live Wedding Memories App from the Google Play Store, or iOS App store. A person can also broadcast using their computer as long as the computer has a microphone and camera.  The guests viewing the event can watch the event on any device.


How do Cash gift donations work?

Answer: The Live Wedding Memories system allows the Host to receive cash gift donations from their invited guests.  Live Wedding Memories charges a processing fee of 13% + $0.30 for each cash gift transaction.  The processing fee is non-refundable.


When does the Host receive their funds?

Answer:  The Host receives 30% of their funds within 14 business days.  The remaining 70% of funds are paid within 35 days after the event. To receive any funds of $600 or more will require the Host to provide tax ID information.


Do you store the live event video?

Answer: Live Wedding Memories stores limited live event video for training and quality review purposes. If a Host would like a copy of the event video, please contact us before scheduling an event and we will work with you to provide a solution.



Question? Contact us at: info@liveweddingmemories.com or call us at 703-915-3584.