Why Use Live Wedding Memories​?


Live Wedding Memories is the only video sharing service to offer a Virtual Event Manager (VEM).


Virutal Event Manager (VEM) - A VEM will walk you through the Live Wedding Memories event setup process. The VEM will initiate one to one contact with your guests to guide and support them to a pleasurable viewing experience of your event. The VEM will periodically provide the Host with guest registration status. The VEM will also work with you guests to ensure each guest is comfortable using the Live Wedding Memories system to view the event.  The VEM will setup a phone/video conference with the Host and videographer to conduct 2 to 3 test events with the Live Wedding Memories system to ensure the day of the event goes smoothly.


One to one contact with guests.  The VEM will contact each guest to support and guide each guest with registering for the event and using the Live Wedding Memories system to watch the event.


Private Event- Only your invited guests can view your events.


Cash gift donations - Your guests can make online cash gift donations that you will receive after your event.


Availability- The event can be broadcast nd viewed from any location. The event can be viewed on different devices such as Windows, Android and iOS.  Each device must use either a mobile data network or Wi-Fi network to view the event.


User Instructions- Live Wedding Memories emails instructions to the person broadcasting the video and the guests viewing the event.


Custom Messages- You can attach custom messages to be sent to each user type.


Different Event Types- Live Wedding Memories allows you to have guests watch events for free and allow you to have guests pay to watch events.


Receive funds for your events- Live Wedding Memories pays you when your paying guests watch your event.





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